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Miguel Santareno


TryHackMe - Junior Penetration Tester
Polaris Project - Polaris's Human Trafficking 101
TryHackMe - Pre Security
OSINT Dojo Daimyo Badge
Security Blue Team - Blue Team Junior Analyst
DataRobot for Data Scientists
Security Blue Team - Introduction to Threat Hunting
Security Blue Team - Introduction to Digital Forensics
Security Blue Team - Introduction to Network Analysis
OSINT Dojo Samurai Badge
OSINT Dojo Sakura Badge
OSINT Dojo Roin Badge
Pentesterlab - Recon Badge
Security Blue Team - Introduction to Vulneriblity Management
Security Blue Team - Introduction to Open-Source Intelligence
Security Blue Team - Introduction do DarkWeb Operations
OSINT Dojo Student Badge
McAfee Institute - Advanced Social Media Intelligence Gathering
McAfee Institute - Auction Fraud Investigation Methodologies
McAfee Institute - Counterintelligence Methods
McAfee Institute - Digital & Computer Forensics
McAfee Institute - Gather Intelligence Online
McAfee Institute - Identify, Investigate, & Prosecute Hackers
McAfee Institute - Introduction to Cyber Crime For Finance
McAfee Institute - Introduction to Cyber Warfare
McAfee Institute - Online Classified Investigation and Intelligence Gathering
The OSINTION - Operations Security(OPSEC) for OSINT and privacy
McAfee Institute - Social Media Investigations Methodologies
McAfee Institute - Top 20 Intelligence Resources on the Net
McAfee Institute - Twitter Investigation Methodologies
McAfee Institute - Investigations on Deep Web
Tracelabs - Darknet Workshop Series: Level 1 - Stereotypes, Security, and Secrecy – oh my
The OSINTION - Introduction to People OSINT/OSINT for Missing People
Fortinet - NSE 2 Network Security Associate
Fortinet - NSE 1 Network Security Associate
ICSI - CNSS Certified Network Security Specialist
OSINT Combine - Trace Labs OSINT Foundations Course
Cisco - Introduction to Cybersecurity
Basis Technology - Autopsy Basics and Hands On
EC-Council - Certified Ethical Hacker
Mile2 - Certified Penetration Tester Engineer
Exin - ISO 27001 Foundation
Microsoft Techonoly Associate(MTA): Security Fundamentals
Pentesterlab - Introduction Badge
Pentesterlab - White Badge
Pentesterlab - Essential Badge
Pentesterlab - PCAP Badge
Pentesterlab - Unix Badge
Openbugbounty Researcher Certificate
Istec - Certificate of Merit
Group Rumos - Privacy
Group Rumos - Advanced penetration tests
Group Rumos - Basics of Law + Cybercrime Law
Group Rumos - Certification Rumos Expert(CRE) - Security Auditor
Group Rumos - Ethical Hacking with Kali Linux
Group Rumos - Hardening Desktop and Mobile
Group Rumos - Hardening of Servers and Infrastructurs
Group Rumos - ISO / IEC 27002
Group Rumos - IT Fundamentals and Security
Group Rumos - Malware Incident Response, Analysis and Detection
Group Rumos - Monitoring,Analysis,Detection and Prevention of Intrusions
Group Rumos - Personal Marketing and Communication
Group Rumos - Risk Management
KnowHowBuilders - Powershell for hackers and security administrators
KnowHowBuilders - Metasploit Bootcamp
KnowHowBuilders - Penetration Testing with Kali Linux

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