03 - FacebookFind by SECTOR035

This is the resolution of the 03 - FacebookFind by SECTOR035

The SECTOR035 OSINT Quiz can be find and practice by sending an email to osintquiz@gmail.com with the subject "start"

After that we are given a number of quiz to complete.

In this case we are going to solve the quiz number 03 - FacebookFind

The question of this quiz is "What is the MD5 hash of following Facebook ID: https://www.facebook.com/SilensecGroup"

and we need to find the anwser for this quiz and submit the key in md5 value to the email osintquiz@gmail.com

with the subject of the hash value that we are going to generate.

Steps to reproduce:

- Login into your socket puppet or researcher account;

- Open the page that we want to search the id, in this case the page for this quiz it's https://www.facebook.com/SilensecGroup

Go to to the view source code of the page look for entity_id (use control + f to help find more quickly the entity_id value)

- In the source code it will show up something like this:"entity_id":"403139539857741"

- The value of 403139539857741 is the awnser to the quiz

- Then hash the value that you have found (403139539857741) using any tool that you want. Example https://www.md5hashgenerator.com/

- Then just send an email to osintquiz@gmail.com with the value in md5: 85e111f0c6c55bcb4391feebd2b3c02e

- To see if the hash value is the correct one for this quiz wait for the automatic response from the email and in the response you will see the same hash value that we just send.